Seven years have passed

It is now the time of year when my fathers passing draws close, this being the seventh year. I will probably make this my final post on the subject, I will always love and miss him with each passing day, especially when I am out working. Sometimes, it can be hard not to remember things and times gone by.

Indeed the good old days, with no masks, just some old clothes, and a pair of half gutted training shoes, haha. There once was a time before roof ladders too and I remember being very reluctant to use it for the first 5 or so years after my father bought it. Yes, it was useful for the few jobs I felt were too risky but it was cumbersome, weighed heavy and I just didn’t like it.

When I think of just some of the many many acrobatic feats my father and I performed daily through the 70’s 80’s and 90’s I get a big warm glow inside. Just knowing that there are very few who could or would be able to do anything like what we used to do; makes me appreciate the uniqueness of the skillset we had to develop and keep polished just to survive each coming week of the season. The customers too, often we would have lovely old ladies prepare banquet sized feasts for us, amazing. Everything all prepared for us coming with military precision, no chambermaid duties for us.

I also think back to my very first climb onto a roof, which must have been 1974 because I was only THREE years old. This was near the top end of Sutherland drive in new farm loch, Kilmarnock. I actually remember that day pretty well despite it being closer to 50 years ago than I’d care to admit. I remember due to the way idiots were driving up and down the street, my father decided it was safer for me to come up on the roof with him and just sit about 3 or 4 foot up from the gutter’s edge. It really was a very slow slope anyway and I being a natural monkey, had already climbed many much more dangerous things by then.

I had been wearing my bright red welly boots that day and was enjoying the views when “long john silver” a promotion-hungry, gung~ho police ‘person’ arrived on the scene. I remember climbing back down and standing inside the customers garden gate. Also getting angry with him because basically, he was being a dick to my dad.

Anyway, luckily for us the case got dismissed in court by the infamous Sherrif D. Smith who astutely listened to my father’s honest version of events, i.e. I was never in any danger. The court reporters decided to run with the story and so I ended up on the front page of the Kilmarnock standard newspaper. The headline was I am led to believe, “The welly boot kid”

Seven years may have passed but the great memories remain forever. Love and miss you always dad.

New Website Upgrades

New Website Upgrades

So I’ve had some new logo’s made as a wee experiment on Fiverr and had some upgrades including style done to the site now and I think its functionality is a bit better too. Lot’s more changes coming this year in everything hopefully, me, myself and I too 🙂  If you want to get in touch for anything,  comment about the new site or anything else, ask questions etc?  the easiest way will be to use the facebook page, either comments or PM if discretion is required.  I’d like to keep the contact page onsite for work inquiries only.
Bom Bolinath Babaji <3

What is a CCTV Chimney Survey?

What is a CCTV Chimney Survey?

A  CCTV Chimney Survey comprises of a professional sweep using a flexible camera system to look up inside your existing flue system. This allows a close-up view of the system, meaning that any damages or blockages can be identified. A CCTV Chimney Survey also allows the sweep to note the measurements of the flue system interior. These are necessary to ensure the correct size of flue liner can be used for your project. The correct size of flue lining is key to preventing any harmful gasses from escaping into the property and other issues such as water and/or liquid emission flows. 

The CCTV Chimney Surveys Allow Us To:

  • Identify the flue system dimensions.
  • Establish the best lining system for your flue, if needed?
  • Check for damages such as past chimney fire damage, extreme weather, or just general wear and tear.
  • View blockages which could arise from fallen debris, animal mess, birds nests or damages by foreign objects/obstructions, bad bends and  all other considerations.

CCTV Inspections are a new service just recently added to our range and are also used most importantly as part of every bird’s nest clearances we do.

The importance of decent ladders

The importance of decent ladders


So it had been in the back of my mind for a while now to invest in some decent ladders as the ones left to me by my father were getting on a bit. As with a lot of things these days, it didn’t take me long to find out the price of a decent set of ladders with free delivery wasn’t particularly expensive; after that i couldn’t fail to abide by the logic of getting a new set.

There i sat patiently waiting until finally after 2 days and lots of excuses later, the new shiny ladders finally arrived. Out i went to inspect them and lo and behold , i stopped counting at 6 rungs damaged by significant dents. I know its an out sized item mate but bloody ell you fair been flinging it around in anger ?

I had to laugh at this guy ,  i really did, he who still had the sheer audacity to suggest,” it’s OK mate you can accept them and get your money back so it says so here on my delivery note thingy”.  So i enlighten him that for me to return them to get my money back would cost almost as much as the set of ladders. Moral of the story is always check your deliveries from couriers these days , there’s always lots of stories about them doing this kind of thing these days.

Needless to say after adjusting to ladders that i don’t need to body-pop just to stay upright on was a bit weird to begin with, lol i kept shoogling and …of course it stayed dead still. Ahh i’m so happy with my new ladders , the new stability in my life ..hah, should have gotten some ages back but hey got em now, joy 🙂

Figure 1: LYTE Ladders



Roll on the Winter season 2017

Summer is pretty much over and we are fast rolling into autumn, which means it’s the beginning of our high season (phew, i can finally make some dosh; seasonal work is not for all so just as well i’m a saver).
This season i will be trying some new marketing out, including some leaflet drops and maybe some facebook +/google adverts too. Perhaps i should try to think of an incentive to try to avoid/mitigate the Xmas rush some way, i will give it some thought.  Our new van      ( yes it is white-, lol, shh don’t laugh!!) is looking good, running fine, has passed it’s MOT and hopefully will continue to serve us faithfully for a good few years to come.
This year i am looking forward to getting the van sign written, so that it will look more professional not to mention advertise our services. Once it’s done i will get the pictures up , which is another promise for this year… to take some more pictures of work for the facebook page so that interested folk can see and learn about what we do :).

I’ve just changed the theme of the website again so , hopefully you’ll agree it looks a bit tidier , i have plans to get a new logo done in the not too distant future and more site work on the TBD list too.

  *****  If you use solid carbon based fuels for your heating system, you should consider getting your chimney/liner swept at least once a year. For competitive quotes and a job done well with professional service contact Tom for a stress free quote.  *****