What is a CCTV Chimney Survey?

A  CCTV Chimney Survey comprises of a professional sweep using a flexible camera system to look up inside your existing flue system. This allows a close-up view of the system, meaning that any damages or blockages can be identified. A CCTV Chimney Survey also allows the sweep to note the measurements of the flue system interior. These are necessary to ensure the correct size of flue liner can be used for your project. The correct size of flue lining is key to preventing any harmful gasses from escaping into the property and other issues such as water and/or liquid emission flows. 

The CCTV Chimney Surveys Allow Us To:

  • Identify the flue system dimensions.
  • Establish the best lining system for your flue, if needed?
  • Check for damages such as past chimney fire damage, extreme weather, or just general wear and tear.
  • Establish the presence of and view blockages which could arise from fallen debris, animal mess, birds nests or damages by foreign objects/obstructions, bad bends and all other considerations.
  • Check the quality of installation and condition of existing flue liners.

CCTV Inspections are a new service (as of 2018) from TRCS and we mainly use them in birds nest removals (free of charge) as part of every bird’s nest removal we do. Our camera is infra-red and has a video viewing screen on the container box so we and you can see what is going on in real time. Our inspections are a look-see only level , for full level report capabilities and full pan and tilt camera would be required.