Terms, Conditions and Preparation


How YOU the Customer should prepare for the sweeps visit πŸ™‚

In days of old before there were central heating systems and other appliances to keep your house warm; using an ‘old-fashioned’ coal fire was a way of life. As such learning how to use them correctly, take care of them and preparing for the chimney sweeps visit was just something most people learned as a child.
However, today some customers are new to solid fuel appliances and don’t yet know how they work correctly or hence how to prepare for a sweeps visit.

On the day of the sweeps visit

Please follow the information listed below; to make our visit easier for everyone.

  • Ensure your fire has been allowed to burn out the evening before our visit (at least 12 hours prior) this not only ensures we don’t get our fingers burned by hot bricks or metal components but also protects our equipment.
  • We need to bring our equipment into where your fireplace/stove(s) is/are situated. If you can please ensure the route from the entrance of your house to where your appliance is situated is free of obstructions, then we will not be hindered by them.
    Please also ensure there is sufficient space for our equipment and for the sweep to work, in and around the fireplace area.
    **You should also clear all ornaments, breakables, toys and candles etc from the hearth and mantelpiece – after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
    We will also need access to a 13 amp socket for our tools.
  • Sweeping chimneys’ is a dirty job and as such, there is no way we can ensure we or our equipment will be 100% soot free. It is, therefore, the customer’s responsibility to make a decent attempt to cover their floors and furnishings from the entrance to the dwelling all the way to and around the fireplace. This is especially important if your carpets/floors and other furnishings are of a light colour or white.
    Ultimately this is the *customer’s responsibility* and we cannot be held responsible*.
    Whilst we do bring our own dust sheets and endeavour to keep them clean to the highest standards; this is sadly not always possible. Please note, this is particularly relevant if it has been raining that day.
  • We would very much appreciate you cleaning out your appliance(s) from spent fuel/ashes and any other debris [especially metallic objects such as nails or screws ] that may be left behind because they can irreparably damage our vacuum. After all, we are here to remove soot in our role as chimney sweeps and *not ashes as chambermaids πŸ™‚ **.
  •  Chimney Stacks, Pots, Cowls and Aerials should be robust enough to be able to withstand the chimney sweeping process.

    Therefore,  if for any reason a pot/cowl/aerial breaks or becomes dislodged during the sweeping process… We cannot and will NOT be held responsible.
    I do make a quick visual inspection on entering the customers’ property to attempt to avoid such circumstances and will on seeing any potential dangers make suggestions to the customer on how to avoid any potential risks.
    This includes vehicles, which should be removed from the driveway if below your chimney stack before sweeping.

    Also, your fireplace, hearth, and mantelpiece should also be fitted correctly and of sufficient quality…I cannot be held responsible for soot escaping an ill-fitted fireplace. (NB/ buying cheap from China on eBay etc is never a wise idea ) πŸ™

  •  If the customers’ flue/fireplace/appliance has not been cleaned regularly or adequately and excessive cleaning is required then an excess charge may be levied.
    After all, we do work to a tight schedule and cannot afford to be unduly delayed causing us the risk of missing other customers appointments & fees.
    It is also unfair to expect us to do several years of cleaning in one appointment. πŸ™


When you have a booked sweeping appointment, we have allocated the time including travel time to & from your property. If for ‘any reasons’ no work can be undertaken we reserve the right to charge a call out fee (Β£40) to cover time and fuel.

Possible reasons may include:

  • The fire is not extinguished early enough and it is still too hot to sweep, in some cases yes πŸ™ the fire is found still burning !!.
  • Customer Not Present.
  • Inadequate access from improvised /or D.I.Y fitted stoves, unsafe conditions, **Buckled and otherwise Irremovable stove Baffle Plates  etc.  

*** The call out fee is Β£40 at the time of writing (2020). ***



**You will have been referred to these T&C’s during initial communications, so failure to read them is no excuse for complaints or insurance claim attempts.**