Beware the Daws of March.

As is customary for this time of year , i always write a wee reminder that spring is upon us once again and it won’t be long till Mr & Mrs Jack, D Aws will be scouting for a new home. Unfortunately that is most likely to be in a chimney and is one of the worst problem situations a solid fuel user can get.

Customers always seem to imagine a nest will be similar to that of a crows nest that you see in a tree. So they are almost always astonished when they realise it is more akin to a beavers dam and normally a minimum of 1.5 bin bags full of material. If they are interested i tell them my memories of the, “worst nest ever” back when i were just a young lad of about ten or so, let’s say early-mid 1980’s.

This nest was like several stories high and must have been generations returning and building on the old nests before as foundations. The run of the flu in this old building was quite funky too and presented my father and co , no insignificant problem. At some point they had to open up the bricks to make sure it was 100% cleared and in the end after 9 hours they had amassed 13 full bin bags of twigs, squashed coke cans, six inch nails, sheep’s wool, horsehair and other assorted nesting materials.

The moral of the story is , it is better to be safe than sorry…prevention is far better than cure in this case and so very much LESS expensive for you. The other thing is you should know that once you’ve got one , it cannot be removed till August unless you get a special permit. For more in depth information you can read our previous post on birds nests, filed under funnily enough ‘birds nests’