Spring/Summer Season 2019 is here

Typically , the first day back is blizzard conditions but that did not stop me. Another reason to be glad i use power sweeping rods now , far superior to the old systems including the ball and circular brush so not so much climbing as when i was the roof man for my father.

When i think back , for me i started on roofs at only 3 years old and loved climbing anyway so it was great fun and i always liked the danger aspect .. Over the years my father only had one or two good roof guys ..sure he had a lot of good workers over the years but if they could even do the job competently that was enough. It was free climbing , or running as one potential applicant pointed out his reasons for not wanting the job.
We used to do anything up to 50 sweeps in a day so one could not afford to be slow in anything , organisation with a hefty dose of courage & skill was essential.

I’d wager, even i, myself couldn’t do that now , you need to be in practice doing it every day to be able operate at that kind of level. Thing is since i lost my father i seemed to lose my invincibility too , for him i could and would do anything because he was the boss. Now i have responsibility , it limits the risks you can take because no you no show … this means in my spare time & hobbies too.

Looking forward to catching up with my regulars this season, cheers Tom