Roll on the Winter season 2017

Summer is pretty much over and we are fast rolling into autumn, which means it’s the beginning of our high season (phew, i can finally make some dosh; seasonal work is not for all so just as well i’m a saver).
This season i will be trying some new marketing out, including some leaflet drops and maybe some facebook +/google adverts too. Perhaps i should try to think of an incentive to try to avoid/mitigate the Xmas rush some way, i will give it some thought.  Our new van      ( yes it is white-, lol, shh don’t laugh!!) is looking good, running fine, has passed it’s MOT and hopefully will continue to serve us faithfully for a good few years to come.
This year i am looking forward to getting the van sign written, so that it will look more professional not to mention advertise our services. Once it’s done i will get the pictures up , which is another promise for this year… to take some more pictures of work for the facebook page so that interested folk can see and learn about what we do :).

I’ve just changed the theme of the website again so , hopefully you’ll agree it looks a bit tidier , i have plans to get a new logo done in the not too distant future and more site work on the TBD list too.

  *****  If you use solid carbon based fuels for your heating system, you should consider getting your chimney/liner swept at least once a year. For competitive quotes and a job done well with professional service contact Tom for a stress free quote.  *****