Summer 2015 and financial lessons

Summer 2015 and financial lessons

So what’s been happening lately with us? Firstly, a wee comment on the weather, lol.

Whats going on with Summer 2015?

Yeah well, so once again our famous Scottish summer has failed to materialise , in direct contrast to last year. I had initially started optimistically in spring hoping for a rerun of last year but after the harsh winter we’ve just had i’m not to surprised to be honest.

The way forward for T Reid Chimney Services in 2015

So far my plans for further education in regards to solid fuel installation has been put on hold for the moment. We are in the process of creating a marketing campaign and extending our business area working zone.


Our fees have not changed much in the last decade and are still the cheapest by far for an efficient sweep in Ayrshire. However,  we have been forced to add a call-out free of £30 to cover time and fuel if for any reason we cannot complete our designated task (obviously if the job is completed then this fee is not applicable). This may include stone debris in or even fully collapsed flues , badly installed/designed stoves or other heating appliances including just badly neglected or non maintained appliances.

Due to recent events, we have also decided to implement an extra time fee. The average time for a sweeping job is normally approximately 25-40 mins and any sweeping job that requires over an hour, clearly has some problem that is delaying the completion of the task.
In some cases this can be due to, for example a stove that has not been installed with maintenance provision/service hatches or has not been serviced/cleaned in a long time.Even a normal chimney that is extremely dirty because it has not been cleaned regularly.
The problems above can mean that when we have to spend over an hour on a job then an hourly rate of £60 up to and including this 2nd hour is charged.

It is after all, not only unfair to expect us to do several years of cleaning in one job (due to lack of regular customer maintenance) or be forced to attempt an untenable task but the delay itself, often means we also risk losing the next customer who has been forced to wait because we do work to an appointment schedule.