How to light my Fire

How to light a Fire

Oh umm i meant a fire , was just my daft attempt an attention grabber, lol.  Not that anyone probably needs this article BUT you never know right , there’s always somebody somewhere starting out at something so, on with the article.

Make sure the damper, throat, whatever ventilation system or plate is open

  • Empty the ash tray. This aids ventilation and draw.
  • You will need either firelighters (expensive) or paper and dry sticks (kindling) if you prefer.
  • Coal or dry logs.
  • If using firelighters then follow the instructions on the packet or…

Step One

Take a sheet of newspaper in both hands and crumple it into a long stick.

Fold it…

…and tuck it into a firm ball.

Place it in the grate and continue until there is a layer across the base of the grate.

If you just crumple the sheets and place them in the grate there is a greater amount of air within it which will result in a quicker burn and the likelihood that the wood may not catch fire. Tighter paper has a slower burn and allows the wood to catch fire.

Step Two

Lay your kindling sticks on top of the paper in a criss-cross fashion allowing the flames from below to get amongst them. Don’t skimp on the wood. More fires fail because of a lack of kindling than any other problem.

Your kindling should be dry and not too thick. The idea is for the paper to light the wood and when the wood has caught to light the coal or the logs.

Step Three

On top of the wood place a loose layer of coal using tongs if required to place them.

Step Four

Make sure the fire guard is to hand and put a light to the paper at two or three points along the front. Long stemmed matched are preferred to prevent burning of fingers. Once you are sure it has taken, place the fire guard in front and watch. As the paper burns the fire will drop slightly but by then the wood should be on fire and starting to heat the coal.

Once the coal has caught fire you may add a little more but don’t kill it under a mountain of the stuff. A little, often, is the way to succeed.  If you are burning logs then the same principle applies. Small sticks, bigger sticks, small logs, bigger logs, simple! BE PATIENT.

If it does start to struggle try adding some more kindling rather than coal or logs.


The importance of decent ladders

The importance of decent ladders


So it had been in the back of my mind for a while now to invest in some decent ladders as the ones left to me by my father were getting on a bit. As with a lot of things these days, it didn’t take me long to find out the price of a decent set of ladders with free delivery wasn’t particularly expensive; after that i couldn’t fail to abide by the logic of getting a new set.

There i sat patiently waiting until finally after 2 days and lots of excuses later, the new shiny ladders finally arrived. Out i went to inspect them and lo and behold , i stopped counting at 6 rungs damaged by significant dents. I know its an out sized item mate but bloody ell you fair been flinging it around in anger ?

I had to laugh at this guy ,  i really did, he who still had the sheer audacity to suggest,” it’s OK mate you can accept them and get your money back so it says so here on my delivery note thingy”.  So i enlighten him that for me to return them to get my money back would cost almost as much as the set of ladders. Moral of the story is always check your deliveries from couriers these days , there’s always lots of stories about them doing this kind of thing these days.

Needless to say after adjusting to ladders that i don’t need to body-pop just to stay upright on was a bit weird to begin with, lol i kept shoogling and …of course it stayed dead still. Ahh i’m so happy with my new ladders , the new stability in my life ..hah, should have gotten some ages back but hey got em now, joy 🙂

Figure 1: LYTE Ladders



Roll on the Winter season 2017

Summer is pretty much over and we are fast rolling into autumn, which means it’s the beginning of our high season (phew, i can finally make some dosh; seasonal work is not for all so just as well i’m a saver).
This season i will be trying some new marketing out, including some leaflet drops and maybe some facebook +/google adverts too. Perhaps i should try to think of an incentive to try to avoid/mitigate the Xmas rush some way, i will give it some thought.  Our new van      ( yes it is white-, lol, shh don’t laugh!!) is looking good, running fine, has passed it’s MOT and hopefully will continue to serve us faithfully for a good few years to come.
This year i am looking forward to getting the van sign written, so that it will look more professional not to mention advertise our services. Once it’s done i will get the pictures up , which is another promise for this year… to take some more pictures of work for the facebook page so that interested folk can see and learn about what we do :).

I’ve just changed the theme of the website again so , hopefully you’ll agree it looks a bit tidier , i have plans to get a new logo done in the not too distant future and more site work on the TBD list too.

  *****  If you use solid carbon based fuels for your heating system, you should consider getting your chimney/liner swept at least once a year. For competitive quotes and a job done well with professional service contact Tom for a stress free quote.  *****

Summer Heat is on

Not posted in a while so just a quick post to let everyone know i am here , still available for work over the summer. Normal service ends the end of this month but i will be available on request until the autumn season starts back up again towards the end of August.

So if you have birds nest problems or “other” jobs the best time to get it done will be early July to mid August unless otherwise notified by post here. Thanks for your loyal continued support, Tom 🙂

It is 2017 ..and full blown season

Things are busy busy , still not got my database sorted … so many of them have been a waste of time ..i came up with my own solution but its still going to take a fair bit of work to complete. Not enough hours in the day i do so many things shall be done though for sure before the autumn season begins end of August / September. I am finally i hope finding more focus and dare i say it optimistic for a change 🙂 If you are looking for specific information check the menus at the side and you will probably find what you need under its category..if you don’t email and ask, i will try to answer as soon as i can. Contact form on the site is now working again ..finally ..i have such a love/hate relationship with technology , should maybe have stuck to my chemistry but that’s another story .. <3 Tom