The Future

The Future

No one know what the future holds but some of us try our best to make plans. One plan i will definitely put into action over this winter break is finishing the customer database i have started to build. If i were to look at my own strengths and weaknesses objectively; i would have to admit keeping track of everyone and especially when they are in need of my services whilst juggling them all so that i am not zig zagging across the county wasting precious time , fuel and money is definitely a weakness i have identified. Yes some may laugh and think this is a simple matter and perhaps maybe even think my own grey matter is not functioning correctly, hah i must admit i sometimes wonder myself?

Granted communication is a two way street but in my experience your average person’s mind is not very focused (or some not even aware of the need) on getting their chimney swept and the dangers of not doing so are not exactly of paramount importance. In some cases i have even had customers of other sweeps calling me up to ask why i haven’t turned up or asking other questions that i have obviously no idea about. Some don’t really care too much who sweeps their chimney to the point they forget who they have called or one partner begins dealing with the issue and the other ends up finishing it – which can lead to allsorts of funny situations.

In creating a database i will not have to remember every detail about each and every customer like my father used to be able to do (talk about London cabbies and their knowledge) mind you he did run the business for a very long time, started it from scratch and no doubts made some of his own mistakes along the way. His notation system shall we say was mostly in his mind and as such un teachable/decipherable. I guess we all have strengths and weaknesses and in exploring my own i am endeavoring to change my current situation much more to my advantage.

Working for yourself is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea; you have to wear so many hats and if you don’t make an organised system and keep it maintained it is very easy to get lost in a quagmire to the point where the business runs you and not the other way around , this is especially so in busy times like now in the run up to Xmas. Sometimes i just think it would be so much easier to go to a normal 9-5 job turn up each day do my duties and have at least some of your evening time to yourself. As for having a personal life …no comment as it is non existent in the normal sense of the term but then my life has never been what you could call orthodox.

In summary , big push for 2017 on organisation , self restraint and self discipline will be my mantras for this coming year. Assuming of course i get through this one alive. Merry Xmas and Happy New Years when it comes everyone, wish you all the best. Tom

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