Mr T Reid Snr

Mr T Reid Snr

On Wednesday 28th it will have been four years since my father, Mr T Reid Snr passed on, he was only 67 years old and is very sorely missed. I still get regular comments from customers about Tommy or Tammy Reid the sweep (as they used to call him) in the old days. Some tell a wee story that makes me laugh whilst reminding me just how hard he used to work back then and how i can’t believe its been four years already.

My own memories too are still quite vivid; being the sweeps son back in the 70’s brought with it much opportunity¬†for adventure. I being a somewhat precocious child , of course took every chance i got to explore customers gardens , farms , outbuildings , animals and the best part, the views from their rooftops. I remember in the days before we got our first roof ladder, when the job was very much more about climbing skills , judgement and a fair bit of daring…at times it was even acrobatic and at high heights too. No joke, it was a dangerous job and we regularly risked life and limb for just a few pounds each sweep back then [but without any foolishness and we prided ourselves on keeping our skill levels high] and that’s not even considering all the soot that was inhaled and otherwise ingested into our bodies too.

My father was one of the most patient and generous men i ever had the the good fortune to meet and was a great dad who always really went above and beyond for me. He liked his work but him being the very sociable man that he was, liked his customers even more. He had a great relationship and reputation with nearly all his customers, some of them being loyal for decades at a time including familial generations and some are still customers to this very day.

I had a very lucky childhood growing up as the son of the chimney sweep in the 1970’s, of course the days were very different from now back then and after a hard days work he’d often come home with an assortment of gifts from customers farms or whatever businesses and hobbies that they spent their time on. Great times , great memories of a really really great man.

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